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TraveFar was founded to promote the concept of THE SMALL GROUP EXPERIENCE. We believe that your journey will be enhanced when you travel with friends and family. Since 1973, we have traveled the world, designing unique itineraries, itineraries that bring memories and experiences that last a lifetime. We have created a network of companies on all continents who share our passion for discovery.

But—it is really all about YOU and YOUR family and friends. With easy access to the Internet and the wide world of travel information, it is difficult to know what is a good product, a good price, a good company and a good arrangement. That’s why our company exists. We are here as your organizer and advocate to make sure your travel dollars and valuable time are spent wisely. Good travel planning with people you know and trust can make a tremendous difference in the quality of a trip. People who have traveled with us are experienced travelers, as well as being very knowledgeable about the Internet—yet, they continue to look to our expertise and contacts to make their trips special.

Join us on one of our escorted trips or let us arrange one especially for you. All you need are six family members or friends and you’re off to the beginning of a great journey.

Brooke Johnson has been traveling since she was 18 and donned her backpack for a 2-year journey around the world. Her passion for travel has taken her across 6 continents and totally around the world 2 times. Brooke has been in the travel industry since 1990 designing and leading trips. She has consulted with travel companies and started several successful businesses. An avid adventurer, collector of folk art and textiles, a cook, and wine aficionado lead her to search out markets to discover local crafts, unique spices and tantalizing foods. Because of her interest in gardening, flora and fauna and natural medicine she seeks the exotic and roads less traveled.

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